Gallery of Ceramics


Dots and Dashes

The design of my tableware range focuses on natural earth tones and the speckles that arise from the clay which occur from high temperature kiln firing. I strive for simplicity of form with a country cottage aesthetic. All functional ware is fired to stoneware temperatures to ensure dishwasher and microwave safety.


Chupinka Sculpture

I create wall reliefs for indoor/outdoor pleasure which reference natural forms, land shapes and the earth itself. My main focus is the inherent properties of different types of clays and glaze firings and how they unite to fuse together during the kin firing

Commissions welcome


I create chimeneas nearly every summer using terracotta sculptural clay. When fired up to 1180 degrees it produces a warm rich deep tone which complements the real fire during long summer evenings.

Collaboration with Sheffield Shops